Quick Tips for your Email Campaigns

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

When it comes to emails, you get them all the time and you ignore the majority of them. Use these quick tips avoid common mistakes when you decide to send marketing emails.

Campaign subject lines:

Subject lines are more powerful than most people realize. Almost 50% of recipients choose to open or skip over and email based on the subject line. Check out these quick tips to make your subject line impactful:

  • Use an emoji or two to stand out

  • Integrate dynamic content to add personalization

  • Use top ranking key words

  • Optimize your subject line for use on mobile devices

Preheader text:

When you receive an email, you receive about a line or one sentence of text as a preview to the email. On mobile devices, this sentence is fairly short and should be an attention getter. Keep it simple and use key action words to encourage the customer to open your mail. Check out these examples:

  • Find out how you can save big this holiday season.

  • Check out these energy saving tips for the summer.

  • Summer sale featuring 30% off your favorited items.

A/B Tests:

This kind of test isn't referring to your grade school, multiple choice test. An A/B test is the best way to try out several version of your email for the best, most optimal result. Of course, only change ONE variable per email. Don't try out different subject lines and times of day with the same campaign; you'll never know which is the most effective! Check out these examples of things you can test:

  • Subject line

  • Time of day

  • Day of the week

  • Preheader text

  • Creatives/image

  • CTA button

Audience Segmentation:

Yesss, our favorite. Why send an email to everyone in your database when the communication doesn't apply? Unless you're a pro at coding emails to use dynamic rule sets, you use be practicing the use of segmented or targeted audience lists. Don't send one generic email to 1,500 people. Your conversion rate, open and click-through rate will be much higher if you send 3 emails to 500 people each based on different criteria. Your customer receive relevant info and you get excellent engagement. Its a win-win! You can segment based on the following criteria:

  • Gender (Men's and women's clothing, products, etc.)

  • Location

  • Spending habits (High spenders vs. lower spends)

  • Shopping frequency

Need help developing a more effective strategy for your email campaigns? Connect with us for an in-depth analysis on the best way to communicate with your customers.


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