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Who We Are


Gold & Fourth is a trailblazing, female-led, and black-owned marketing consultancy nestled in the vibrant heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We take immense pride in our unique perspective, blending creativity and strategy to transform ideas into impactful realities.

At Gold & Fourth, we believe in the power of sifting through the diverse elements of marketing to uncover precious opportunities. Just like panning for gold, we meticulously examine every facet to extract the gems that will elevate your brand's presence. Our team thrives on the challenges that come with this process, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence.

We understand that successful strategies are those that seamlessly transition from conceptualization to implementation. This is where our expertise truly shines – turning concepts into concrete, measurable results.



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Interested in learning more about us, on-the-go? Our 2023 Agency Guide profiles us in a comprehensive booklet that you can review anywhere, anytime. 

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Ebony Ivey

CEO + Founder


Justin McDonald

Director, Client Operations

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Jasmine Hughes

Marketing Assistant

Ready to make magic?

Opportunities move fast. Fortunately, so do we. Let’s get going.

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